Our History

The Things We Do For Love

The eccentric Count Fredrik Bonde of Björnö had Teleborg Castle built as a wedding gift for his young bride, Anna Koskull. Construction of the lavish castle was completed in 1900. Shortly thereafter, the phrase ‘What wouldn’t a farmer do for his cows’(in Swedish “Vad gör inte en Bonde för sin Koskull”) became a popular phrase amongst Växjö locals. The phrase is a play on words that uses Count Bonde’s and Anna Koskull’s surnames. Indeed, nothing short of the best would do for Fredrik Bonde, who spared absolutely no expense to give his betrothed something truly special.

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Only The Best is Good Enough

Count Bonde hired Harald Boklund and August Lindvall, two prominent architects from Skåne (in Southern Sweden), to build Teleborg Castle. Following his meticulous instructions, they brought in granite and brick from Torpa near Växjö and from Västervik. The country’s most skilled plasterers and painters were hired, tile ovens were transported from Gothenburg, while the blacksmith work came from Copenhagen. In total, the construction cost just over 192 772 Swedish Crowns – an immense sum at the time.

The Count and his wife Anna moved in once the castle was completed. However, their happiness was short lived. The Count died just nine short years later. Anna survived him by eight years, passing away in 1917. Since the couple did not have children, the Count’s nephew Christer inherited it.

Christer initially tried to market Teleborg as a castle guesthouse, attracting guests with electric lights, beautiful scenery, and ice-skating on Lake Trummen. The castle was then leased out as a girl’s boarding school for 10 years before Christer took possession of the castle in 1931 for his own use. Christer developed the castle grounds before his son, Fredrik Ulf Bonde, took over in 1956. From then until 1964, the castle was primarily used as a summer residence under the care of family member Ulla Bonde. The city of Växjö bought the castle in 1964 and, today, the castle is owned by Videum AB and leased by Runosson & Co.

We Aim to Preserve History

When Fredrik Bonde built Teleborg’s castle, he wanted to create something incredibly special. And he succeeded! In fact, the castle’s unique style and feel continue to fascinate and inspire our visitors.

Those of us who work at Teleborg Castle today have a lot in common with the Count. We have carefully renovated and restored the castle to offer our guests a unique and special experience. And the elements that made the castle and its grounds so unique remain present today. While paying respect to the castle’s history, we added a functional conference room, luxurious bedrooms, and an exciting menu. Today, Teleborg Castle is a lively and luxurious destination designed for creativity and recreation.

Anna Koskull must have felt anticipatory and curious as she ascended the grand staircase for the first time. We hope you feel the same thing.