Moments to Remember

Some days are more memorable and meaningful than others. There are days that are joyful celebrations and others are a little sadder. We offer a beautiful and tranquil setting for these moments – small and large groups are welcome.

Graduation Birthdays Memorials

Special Events

Are you planning your birthday? Or planning someone else’s special day? We’ll make the day one to remember. We are happy to help plan events, big or small. Because we believe your event should be special, no matter what.

Graduation Lunch

We offer a special menu for small and large parties – minimum two courses.

Appetizer (155 SEK)

The castle’s specialty Swedish Shrimp Toast is served on a toasted brioche, with pickled red onion, lemon, and dill.

Warm Dishes (165 SEK)

Pork fillet with herbed potato scallops, glazed primroses, red wine sauce, and fried onions

Cooked salmon with rum and chive sauce, boiled potatoes, and asparagus and herb salad

Dessert (95 SEK)

Whipped white chocolate mousse with cooked rhubarb and white chocolate brittle


Gather and remember in a beautiful and peaceful space. We tailor the memorial to your wishes in terms of setting, decorations, and the menu

Menu Suggestions

Homemade Hot Food
165 SEK

2-Course Meal
From 295 SEK

3-Course Meal
From 370 SEK

Cake can be ordered from a bakery of your choice. We charge a serving fee.

Event Rooms

The Library

The Knight’s Dining Hall

The Banquet Hall